Frosttome Adventures

Dwarves? Dwarves.

The party decided that after their disastrous first attempt, the Underdark just wasn’t for them. After some light shopping, they requested another audience with the Archmage.

She agreed to help them chase aboveground trails by providing transportation. The group chose to journey to a great Dwarven city in the North, where powerful mages were said to dwell. They climbed some stairs to the tower roof, where their mounts awaited.

Their mounts turned out to be great eagles! Already saddled and ready to go, the party mounted their new friends with excitement (except in Ulfgar’s case – while he was getting along with his eagle, Julius, he was having trouble with the thought of flight). They took to the skies.

The party flew most of the day, at one point spotting a group of barbarians but electing to avoid contact. Later in the evening, Ulfgar spotted a storm coming, and the group elected to land and make camp before it hit. Rokero Bloodaxe, accustomed to surviving in the wilderness, constructed a magnificent shelter that could have been called a mead hall. It was complete with fireplace and a ten-foot wide arched entryway. Mikkwann cast an alarm spell which created the sound of bells when anyone approached the doorway, unless they spoke the password ‘bumpus’. The party slept.

They were woken to the sound of quiet bells. Cautiously, Rokero looked outside, only to find Wyrmrangr sitting outside curiously. The tiny pseudodragon snuggled up by the fire and immediately fell asleep. The rest of the party, tired and annoyed, went back to sleep.



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