Frosttome Adventures

Dwarves? Dwarves.

The party decided that after their disastrous first attempt, the Underdark just wasn’t for them. After some light shopping, they requested another audience with the Archmage.

She agreed to help them chase aboveground trails by providing transportation. The group chose to journey to a great Dwarven city in the North, where powerful mages were said to dwell. They climbed some stairs to the tower roof, where their mounts awaited.

Their mounts turned out to be great eagles! Already saddled and ready to go, the party mounted their new friends with excitement (except in Ulfgar’s case – while he was getting along with his eagle, Julius, he was having trouble with the thought of flight). They took to the skies.

The party flew most of the day, at one point spotting a group of barbarians but electing to avoid contact. Later in the evening, Ulfgar spotted a storm coming, and the group elected to land and make camp before it hit. Rokero Bloodaxe, accustomed to surviving in the wilderness, constructed a magnificent shelter that could have been called a mead hall. It was complete with fireplace and a ten-foot wide arched entryway. Mikkwann cast an alarm spell which created the sound of bells when anyone approached the doorway, unless they spoke the password ‘bumpus’. The party slept.

They were woken to the sound of quiet bells. Cautiously, Rokero looked outside, only to find Wyrmrangr sitting outside curiously. The tiny pseudodragon snuggled up by the fire and immediately fell asleep. The rest of the party, tired and annoyed, went back to sleep.

Party in the Underdark

After the slaying of Hewell(SP???), the armored warbear, the party immediately looted the armory. A number of nonmagical weapons were picked up. The party opened the large door at the end of the armory and found a sort of common room, complete with fireplace and chairs, along with two more doors. One led to a large, Hewell-sized ladder, which in turn led to another small house on the surface. The other door led to a kennel, featuring four starving wolves. One of them was determined by the party’s mages to be intelligent. Wyrmrangr had a brief telepathic converation with it before informing the party the wolf would most likely not be on their side were it freed. The party decided to leave the wolves and spend the night holed up in the common room.

The next morning, the enforcers set off down the unexplored tunnel. After some time it began to slope downward, and things seemed to get darker and colder. Eventually they reached a huge stone cavern, with great stone doors in the far wall. A mysterious inscription covered the doors, but they would not open with any amount of force. Rath Talaviir was able to decipher enough of the script to determine it was in Undercommon, but no more. Defeated, the party returned to the surface.

Seeing the corpses of the blue-skinned humanoids in the small house they entered through, Ulfgar Godsbeard decided to call upon Njal for a conversation with the dead. Although brief and cryptic, the dead humanoid did translate the inscription on the door, saying that a password was required. He also explained that he belonged to a group known as The Legion, and that he did not know where the artifact was taken. And with that, the spell ended.

The party decided to find out more about the legion. Ulfgar decided to check the Temple of Njal’s expansive library for answers. The archivist proved most helpful in guiding him to a scroll. He learned that the Legion was a shadowy group devoted to Fenrir, a mysterious god usually depicted as a wolf bound by Dwarven chains. However, they had apparently not been seen in many many years. The archivist also provided the party with the Undercommon translations for ‘Legion’ and ‘Fenrir’ as possible password candidates. Thanking him, the group left to give the Archmage a quick update.

The archmage received them and listened to the news about the mysterious door and the cult. She seemed to know more than she let on. She decided to let the party choose where to search for more leads; either underground, which would lead to the mysterious Underdark, or aboveground, where they might look for trails or cities. The party chose to try the stone door again to see what lay beyond.

Returning to the door, they found that while ‘Legion’ had no effect, saying ‘Fenrir’ in Undercommon caused the doors to spring to life and open. Beyond were more dark tunnels, though no longer man-made. The party wandered through twisted and winding tunnels, and eventually happened upon a Drow patrol. The three Drow exchanged a few words with Rath Talaviir in Elvish, which somehow led to heated battle. After some intense combat, in which Drow were blinded and Rath bravely took Ulfgar’s place after a staggering blow, the dark elves were defeated.

However, while one Drow was split in half, the other two were only unconscious. The party left them alive for questioning. They isolated the two and questioned the first, getting few answers. Seeing the symbol of a dark god worn by the Drow cleric, Ulfgar Godsbeard became convinced that the elves were lying and knew more about the Legion than they claimed. He decided to force the elf to talk through whatever means necessary to get answers from an agent of evil.

Ulfgar held a thick winter blanket over the Drow’s head and used his magic to conjure torrents of water to pour over the elf’s face. After some simulated drowning, the elf did talk, but still seemed to know nothing of the Legion. A Zone of Truth seemed to confirm his sincerity. When asked what he’d do if he were freed, the elf said truthfully that he would kill the enforcers. The party decided the only option was to kill him. They did so.

The party debated for a while on the matter of the other captive. They chose to kill him as well, to avoid having any witnesses of what happened. The last thing they needed were Drow hunting them, and perhaps these deaths could be chalked up to the constant war with the Dwarves, who also dwelt in the Underdark. The bodies were concealed and the party left the tunnels once more, almost getting lost on the way out.

Ulfgar spent the night in his temple, looking within himself and trying to atone for his deed. He realized that he had lost control and gone too far – even agents of evil gods did not deserve that. His duty was to protect the weak, not to harm the helpless. He vowed never to torture ever again.

The Adventure Begins

Five apparently unrelated enforcers for the authoritarian Mages College were summoned by the pseudodragon Wyrmrangr to the Mage’s Tower. This group included:
Rokero Bloodaxe, a fierce dwarven barbarian
Ulfgar Godsbeard, a heavily-armored dwarven cleric of Njal, the Scarred Warrior
Mikkwann, a witty gnomish illusionist
Rath Talaviir, a powerful female elven wizard
Ranulf Banathsson, a crafty human spellthief.

After some very brief introductions between members of the group, they were told the Archmage herself would see them.

The Archmage explained that these enforcers had been handpicked for a task that requires some discretion. A magical artifact of significant power was stolen from the Tower the previous night, and these five enforcers were tasked with recovering it and bringing those responsible to the Tower’s justice. This artifact was protected by magical means that were somehow disabled, and was described as posing no danger to enforcers (but perhaps some danger to its current owners). A couple of scouts apparently reported sighting two? average-looking humanoids. The archmage suggested starting the search in the Merchant Quarter, in case the thieves were attempting to fence the artifact quickly. After a quick visit to the Tower’s armory, the party set off.

The magic shop was the first to be investigated. The party questioned the owner about any unusual recent acquisitions. He said he crafted the majority of his stock himself, but he came off as a bit shady. However, the enforcers were able to use their status to intimidate him into showing them his stockroom. Nothing of import was found there, even after the party’s mages sensed for magical auras. The party left the shop and its displeased owner. Upon leaving, the voice of Wyrmrangr echoed in the party’s heads, warning them to be more discreet in their inquiries.

Rokero Bloodaxe, an avid collector of bones of all sorts, decided to seek out some more items for his collection. He set off for the local taxidermist, and, in the absence of any other strong leads, the rest of the party followed. This time, in order to comply with Wyrmrangr’s warning, only two enforcers entered the shop, while the rest made themselves look busy in the surrounding area. Rokero scavenged through animal remains outside the shop before entering. The proprietor greeted him kindly but did not have any bones besides those in the scrap heap Rokero had already searched. However, a few questions revealed that a pair of strange humanoids had apprached the owner very late the previous night wanting to quietly dispose of a body. He claimed he had immediately refused and they left. However, he did notice their skin seemed to have a bluish tinge to it. Rokero, still interested in acquiring more bones, asked the owner where he could find some, and was directed to a nearby butcher’s shop.

The party again accompanied Rokero on his quest. Once again, three of the party’s members occupied themselves outside, while Rokero and this time Ranulf Banathsson walked inside. The butcher explained that he did not sell any bones, only meat and an odd-looking stew whose origins he avoided explaining (“…pigs, more or less…”). Rokero bought some and drank it heartily, proclaiming it the best stew he’d ever had. Ranulf was more skeptical and thought the soup looked a bit off, and so Rokero drank his share as well. The butcher denied having any strange visitors in the night, and became angry with the pointed questions. The pair left the shop.

The band of enforcers, believing the butcher was not telling them something, decided to attempt a bluff. Mikkwann and Rath Talaviir, as two enforcers the butcher had not yet seen, walked in and tried the old ‘good health-inspector, bad health-inspector’ routine. The butcher, however, was having none of it, partly because the College had never done any sort of inspection before. The party left with their suspicions unconfirmed.

The next destination was the slave quarter. The party reasoned that slaves were often overlooked and stayed out of sight, meaning they were likely to have heard or seen something useful. Most slaves, however, were currently hard at work on Kaldjauppr’s outer walls. Mikkwann approached the foreman on duty and began a strange line of questioning which heavy-handedly approached the subject of recently missing slaves or unusual deaths. After the foreman became angry, Ranulf Banathsson approached to apologize for his colleague’s behavior and smooth things over. They learned that there in fact been one unusual death the previous night – a young, strong, and healthy slave had died suddenly while working on the Tower’s walls. The party set out for the Tower perimeter.

The party found a blood stain, which Rokero Bloodaxe was able to track as far as the Merchant Quarter. This seemed to be the blood of the murdered slave, whose corpse was likely brought to the taxidermist and then perhaps the butcher to be disposed of, in the absence of any body of water. The enforcer on guard duty at the Tower wall pointed the party towards the Thirsty Demon, a local tavern frequented by enforcers and the likely location of the enforcer who saw the slave die.

The party entered the Thirsty Demon and Rath Talaviir immediately recognized the enforcer witness as an old acquaintance. After some discussion and a bribe of 180gp, he agreed to lead the party to where he followed the two suspicious humanoids. This turned out to be a tiny, simply-built home. After a few minutes of discussion, Rokero Bloodaxe became tired of waiting and just kicked in the door. He was immediately met with two arrows to the chest, shot by two strange humanoids who had been standing within with bows drawn.

The rest of the party sprang into action, though the house was so small that only two people (Rokero and Ulfgar Godsbeard) were able to fit inside. During the fight, one of the humanoids unleashed a freezing blast of energy from his right eye. The party overcame the strange pair, though, and quickly looted their bodies. Both bore an odd tattoo of a few links of a chain.

Rath Talaviir’s keen elven senses detected a hidden trapdoor beneath the rug. The party opened it and discovered a 75-foot pit, with a ladder affixed to the side. Rokero started down, and soon noticed another humanoid standing at the bottom of the pit with a drawn bow. With no regard for personal safety, he dropped the remainder of the distance and hit the ground hard. He handily defeated the humanoid and the rest of the party climbed down the ladder. Rath Talaviir and Ranulf Banathsson both stumbled on the ladder and found themselves falling. However, some quick thinking allowed Rath to activate one of her magical crystals, which contained a spell that teleported the pair to the floor safely.

The party found themselves in a long corridor. Ranulf Banathsson moved quietly ahead, scouting the area. After a brief encounter with a single-shot arrow trap, which was disabled, the party happened upon a locked door in the side of the corridor. The party decided to send Ranulf in to investigate stealthily, and Mikkwann used his command of illusions to render him completely invisible. The invisible Ranulf was able to pick the lock and enter the room, which turned out to be a large armory. A sleeping bear, covered in heavy armor, seemed to be guarding it. Ranulf carefully approached the bear in an attempt to slit its throat, but was detected by the bear’s keen sense of smell, which woke the bear. The rest of the party sprang into action. A web spell and a grease spell both covered the floor in hazards, which tripped up both the bear and the enforcers. The bear fought fiercely, and its thick armor made it difficult to harm. However, after some intense melee combat, along with some magic and many distracting illusions (including Dracula with six arms), the bear finally fell.

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